Amsterdam, though is famous for museums and music, has something more worth visiting for. Guess what? It’s the yummy food. No matter wherever you travel in the world, you need variety of food, whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Though, there are only a few restaurants who offer the vegetarian food.

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Bitterballen is a Dutch meat-based dish. The meat can be of beef or veal. It is mixed with butter, parsley, salt, and pepper. The meat is either chopped or minced. The dish is a savory snack to complement drinks, pubs or reception events.

Stroopwafel (Waffle)

A stroopwafel is a thin baked snack, usually served with caramel syrup in the middle. The beverage is very famous in the Netherlands. Earlier the size of the stroopwafel was about 10 centimeters but now, the size varies from 5 to 25 centimeters. Mostly, the waffle is served on top of any drink or tea. Also, it is served with ice cream and other snacks.

Patat or Frites (Fries)

In Amsterdam, fries aren’t just thin fries with a sauce but are rather thick fries served with various kinds of mayonnaise. Though, sometimes in a tray and sometimes wrapped in a cone. The best of the fries can be found on street vendors.

Kaas (Cheese)

The cheese in Amsterdam is very different from American or Indian cheese. It is said that this cheese is the specialty of Dutch cuisine. There are varieties in cheese, however, the popular cheese is the hard/semi-hard cheese.

Poffertjes (Pancakes)

Like Americans eat pancakes in breakfast, there is no time for the Dutch to eat pancakes. In comparison, they are larger in size surrounded by toppings like Nutella syrup or jam or cheese or fruits. You can create your own pancake with anything, or everything offered by the shop.


Stamppot is a traditional dish made with a combination of mashed tomatoes and several vegetables. The variations are made timely, sometimes with vegetables, other times with fruits, or ground fruits. It is usually served with sausage, julienned bacon, or stewed meat, with other toppings like cheese, gherkins, nuts or pickled onions.

Kroket (croquette)

A croquette is a breadcrumbed fried food roll made up of ground meat, shellfish, ham, cheese, potatoes or vegetables mixed with bechamel or brown sauce, then soaked with a combination of spices or liquids like wine or milk, and finally, filled with onions, mushrooms or boiled eggs. It is adjusted in a cylindrical or oval shape and then fried. Therefore, it is considered as fast food in Amsterdam and served as a cuisine during Christmas.

However, most of the dishes are involved with the meat of beef or fish. Vegetarians, however, can still party in Amsterdam with fries, cheese, pancakes, and ice creams. If the food didn’t interest you, the places will surely make you happy.

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